Releasing to see the Rocks

They called them raft rippers.

Enormous rocks lurking just below the rollicking waters of the middle fork of the Salmon River, lying in wait to ruin a rafting trip by slicing into the inflatable vessels that we floated down in. It was May, so the water level was high in the river canyon, and the rocks were hidden just underneath. We only knew that they might exist from tales when the water was lower.  Knowing where the raft rippers were, and the best way to navigate around them, kept the rafting exciting but not perilous.

These hazards exist in every relationship.
Some are always visible, such as finances and careers.
Most lay somewhat hidden by the rushing water of everyday life.  

You might be thinking, ”what’s that got to do with going away for a weekend to talk about plans for the year with my partner”?

The river is your life together and all the things that encompass it.
You and your partner are going down that amazing river of life.
The rocks are the obstacles that threaten to derail your enjoyment and success of that adventure.
The rising rush of water is keeping you from seeing the rocks clearly.

Wouldn’t you like to see where those rocks are?

As the years go by, the water level rises. Life gets busier.

Lower the water level by finding a safe, enjoyable place to talk about your lives. Get a glimpse of the obstacles you need to overcome, together, to get down the river wide-eyed and buoyant. Plan around the obstacles. Aim for the natural hot springs downriver that you’ve been dreaming of experiencing.

How about starting with once a year?